The Best Box Builder on Shopify Just Got Better 🚀

Introducing Premium Themes for Giftship’s Box Builder Tool. Beautiful new UI/UXs to augment the customer experience.

January 4, 2023

Giftship has long had the best Box Builder tool on Shopify within it.

It has been one of the many tools included in the all-in-one Gifting App. In fact, technically speaking, Giftship’s Box Builder tool has always done things that nothing else has, including accurate inventory counting, automated discount thresholds, an array of form steps, and so on. But until now, we hadn’t built out a truly modern storefront display for how it looks, and how customers interact with it…

Introducing Premium Themes for Giftship’s Box Builder Tool

Our team has been hard at work, and we are excited to announce the launch of our suite of Premium Themes for the Box Builder tool. These are purchasable themes from within Giftship, that will transform how the Box Builder displays on your storefront with the click of a button.

The first of these new Themes, available for purchase within Giftship by going to Giftship –> Box Builder –> Premium Themes, is called Stack.

Here’s a quick video preview:

Stack is the first of many new Premium Box Builder Themes that are on the way.

Tim Rokeby-Thomas


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