Ship to Multiple Addresses From One Checkout

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A Better Checkout Experience

Improve the customer experience on your store by giving your customers the ability to send items to multiple addresses from a single order.

Fulfill Orders As Normal

Fully compatible with 3rd party fulfillment apps like Ship Station. No change to your current fulfillment process is required.

Set Up in Less Than 30 Seconds

Adding Multiship to your Shopify store takes less than 30 seconds. Click “Add app,” configure your settings, and you're done!


Ship to Multiple Addresses

Create multiple orders, going to multiple addresses––in one checkout.

3rd-party Fulfillment Integratiion

Multiship will work with any third party fulfillment tool compatible with Shopify

Fully Customizable Styling

Automatically inherits your theme styling, and can be customized as desired.

Shopify Shipping Integration

Multiship automatically accesses your Shopify shipping configuration when offering shipping methods.

Saved Address Suggestions

Multiship lets your customers choose from their saved addresses, or fill out a new one.

Google Address Autocomplete

The business plan allows for google's address autocomplete, streamlining the checkout process.

Multiple Address Shipping

Add new or select from previously used addresses:

Address Input Modal

Quickly enter addresses for each shipment:

Multiple Address Checkout

Select shipping rates for each address in the checkout:


"Multiship is a unique app on Shopify - doing something I have not found elsewhere. People give our product as gifts a lot and it's important to make shipping to multiple addresses easy. I thought I would have to compromise on that several times while making my store. But! Multiship has come through, and so has its staff. Enough so that I'm writing a genuinely appreciative review."

Threesome Toolbooth

Shopify Merchant


"Great app and great tech support. They took care of the install, even setup a mock preview of my store to test it out before it was live. Had a few tiny design elements i wanted to change and even though everything is mostly done via email it they got back to me each time very quickly and couldnt have been nicer or better about taking care of my issues. I highly recommend them, the only app to send products from one order to several different locations."


Shopify Merchant


"Great experience! We installed the app and didn't know how to use it. All we did was call and the team was so helpful in installing the app. Their customer service is 5 stars!!! Great service"


Shopify Merchant


"AMAZING SERVICE. Quick response. This app is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Even better than I anticipated. FANTASTIC!!"

Something Borrowed New York

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Multiship?

Click here to go to the installation page from Shopify. Contact us for more information, or if you need help configuring the app after installation.

What if my customers are only shipping to one address?
If only shipping to one address, the checkout process on your website does not change. Only if your customer selects the "Ship to Multiple Addresses" toggle button on your cart page will Multiship's multiple shipping address checkout be triggered.
Can I customize the look of Multiship to fit in with the style of my website?

Yes, you can. If you are working with a developer, or know CSS, customizations to the look of the app are simple. Get in touch if you would like more information on styling!

How long does it take to install?

Installation of Multiship is now automatic, and can be live on your store in a matter of minutes. Please see our configuration tutorial for best practices in setting up Multiship for your store.

I use a 3rd party shipping app. Will that work with Multiship?

Yes. Apps like ShipStation, ShippingEasy, and Shippo, work perfectly with Multiship with no change to your current order fulfillment process.

Multiship automatically cancels the initial order from your customer, and then recreates orders per shipping address. This initial 'canceled' order is purposefully not exported to your 3rd party shipping app, as it is not meant to be fulfilled. Only the orders meant to be fulfilled are exported, ensuring compatibility.

Does Multiship work with my current fulfillment process?

Absolutely, Multiship was engineered to integrate with your current fulfillment process. There is no change to how you fulfill orders. 

This includes compatibility with 3rd party shipping fulfillment apps such as ShipStation.

Please see this tutorial on fulfilling multiple shipping address orders from your Orders dashboard.

Does Multiship work with Subscriptions or Recurring Orders?
Multiship is not compatible with Subscription based orders or Recurring orders. This is because both Multiship and your Subscription or Recurring orders app have to take over the checkout process, meaning that either one or the other has to take precedent. It is a limitation of the platform that they are not compatible.
How does Multiship charge for shipping to multiple addresses?

Shipping charges to multiple addresses are calculated for each address in the same way as if each were a separate order. As your customers proceed through the checkout process, they will see their order broken up into suborders, each with its own associated shipping charge.


These charges are taken directly from your defined shipping rates, so there's no need to enter them again.

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Pricing & Plans


Billed through Shopify
  • Ship to Multiple Addresses
  • Completely Customizable
  • Basic Support
  • Filler for spacing
  • Filler for spacing


Billed through Shopify
  • Ship to Multiple Addresses
  • TaxJar Tax Calculation
  • Completely Customizable
  • Premium Support
  • Filler for spacing


Billed through Shopify
  • Ship to Multiple Addresses
  • TaxJar Tax Calculation
  • Google Address Autocomplete
  • Completely Customizable
  • Priority Support