Taking control of tax calculation

Enervee is a New York based utility company, which offers rebates on energy efficient products. Since New York tax law requires that tax be charged on the full amount of a sale before any rebates, when we developed this feature, Shopify's automatic tax calculation could not be made to work like this.

Getting creative with the Shopify API.

Since tax could not be calculated correctly at checkout, in order to build a solution that complied with New York's tax laws, we leveraged Shopify's refund API's and order creation webhooks to automate the rebate process. This meant that tax was always charged on the full amount, as needed by the client, but the rebate amount was automatically returned to the customer. As a Shopify Plus merchant, we were able to edit the Shopify checkout in order to correctly display the rebate amount at checkout, as well as information as to how the rebate is processed.

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