We're on a mission to help build better online shopping experiences.

Over 2,000 businesses rely on the various suites of tools we build to help run their online stores. In August of 2020, we changed our company’s name from Pix to Gist. It comes from the word ‘logistic’, and we think it helps better define what we’re all about.

Before we started Gist, we helped build and run online stores.

Each company that we helped bring online had its own unique story to tell, and we designed the customer experience to fit their specific narrative. But lots of things were universal. Everyone wanted their store built on the best ecommerce platform, and everyone wanted the best business tools to plug into their stores to help them grow.

We saw a need for elegant solutions, and we got to work building them.

Headquartered in Victoria, B.C., we now work with companies all over the world. If you would like to chat about one of our apps, or about starting a new project, please don't hesitate to get in touch! We're a friendly bunch, and love chatting with merchants about how we might be able to help them sell more.