Introducing Giftship’s New Product Options Feature ✏️

Giftship’s new Product Options section offers that control, along with many more new tools.

September 14, 2020

During Giftship’s 3 years in the Shopify App store we have received a tremendous amount of feedback and feature requests from the over 2,000 businesses that rely on its suite of tools to help run their online stores. A consistent theme was the need for more control over how Giftship’s diverse tools render on a merchant’s storefront.  Giftship’s new Product Options section offers that control, along with many more new tools.

Drag and Drop builder:

It’s never been easier to configure a Shopify App. The drag and drop layout of the Product Options section of Giftship allows for a simple setup process. A list of elements, from date pickers to text fields to upsell options, can be selected and dragged into your product options section. These are the options that will render on your individual product pages.

Upsell Option Sets (with the option to bundle!):

Upsell displays can now be done through a dropdown list, a list of one-click upsells, or a display of thumbnail product pictures. You can also choose whether you would like the selected upsell product, plus the main product, to be added to the cart as a bundle (essentially a new product created that includes each individual product with a price that adds up to the sum total), or not bundled and just as individual products.

Display options: 

If you have a certain collection of products which you would like to offer the ability to add a gift message and delivery date picker, but do not want to offer this option on products outside this collection, you can now “gate” your settings accordingly within the Giftship dashboard. Previously, a developer would have to implement custom code into your theme to achieve this. 

You’re now caught up with the latest with Giftship. Get started or upgrade to take advantage of all of these new features.

Tim Rokeby-Thomas


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