Don’t Forget the Socks! How You Could Build the Ultimate Upseller with Shopify’s Giftship

Introducing Shopify’s Giftship Upsells Picture this: You’re browsing through a collection of stylish pants on your favorite Shopify store, and […]

September 5, 2023

Introducing Shopify’s Giftship Upsells

Picture this: You’re browsing through a collection of stylish pants on your favorite Shopify store, and just as you’re about to hit that “Add to Cart” button, you spot an enticing offer for socks. Who doesn’t need socks, right? With Giftship’s Upsell feature, you can make this scenario a reality for your customers.

Depending on how you configure your Giftship upsells, the additional item can be seamlessly added to the cart by your customers as either a separate product or bundled with their selected item.

Let’s Dive into How It Works:

1. Product Page Upsells: Create limitless customization and upsell options that appear on your product pages. Showcase complementary products like socks to enhance your customers’ shopping experience.

2. Cart Page Upsells: Extend the upselling magic to your cart page. Offer irresistible add-ons like matching accessories, and watch your average order value soar.

3. Popup Upsells: Imagine a popup gently reminding your customers not to forget those socks after they’ve added pants to their cart. Giftship’s popup upsells help you recover potentially missed opportunities.

4. Pricing and Inventory Control: Giftship takes care of the nitty-gritty details, ensuring accurate pricing and real-time inventory management. This means you can maintain a seamless shopping experience for your customers, even as they build their ultimate wardrobe.

5. Order Management: Keep your orders organized effortlessly with Giftship. The Shopify Order screen allows you to distinguish between products intended for upselling and other items, all conveniently marked as “Added To: Box Builder.”

What Else Can Shopify’s Giftship Sell That’s Not Just Socks:

1. Gift Messages: Want to add a personal touch? Giftship’s Gift Messages combined with an upsell feature allow you to sell custom notes with orders, creating a memorable gifting experience.

2. Personalizations: Selling custom engraving or other personalized items has never been easier with Giftship. Offer unique options to your customers and watch your sales soar.

3. Upgraded Packaging: Elevate your packaging game by offering gift wrapping services. Giftship helps you manage inventory and ensures your customers receive beautifully wrapped items.

4. Full Control: With Giftship, you have complete customization over your upsells. For example, you can conditionally display an upsell for blue socks when blue pants are added to the cart, giving you full control over your upselling strategy.


Ready to Transform Your Shopify Store with Giftship? Giftship is packed with incredible features, including the Box Builder, Gift Messages, Multi-Shipping, and more. Power up the gifting experience across your store with a dynamic set of premium gift features.

Giftship offers a wide range of gifting options that seamlessly integrate with your storefront and fulfillment process. Enable your customers to send items to different addresses in a single checkout, collect and automatically print gift messages, offer delivery date options, and auto-tag your orders. 

Whether it’s product options, upsells, box builders, or any gifting use case, Giftship is here to help you take your gifting business to the next level.

Ready to explore Giftship’s potential? Visit the demo store here and try a 7-day free trial here. Have questions? Contact Support. We’re here to support you on your box-building empire. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your e-commerce game and offer your customers an unforgettable personalized shopping experience. Get started today!

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