How You Could Build the Ultimate Chocolate Box with Shopify’s Giftship Box Builder

If you’re a chocolate lover, you’ve likely indulged in those pre-made chocolate boxes, reading the description card and choosing the […]

September 5, 2023

If you’re a chocolate lover, you’ve likely indulged in those pre-made chocolate boxes, reading the description card and choosing the perfect chocolate. But what if you could take your chocolate experience to the next level by allowing your customers to create their own custom chocolate box?

Enter Giftship’s Box Builder, a tool that empowers Shopify store owners to offer their customers a truly personalized box-building experience.

Introducing Giftship’s Box Builder

Giftship’s Box Builder is a game-changer for e-commerce businesses, especially those in the world of luxury chocolates. This innovative tool allows customers to curate their own unique chocolate box from a selection of individual chocolates, flavors, and add-ons, all conveniently hosted on the brand’s Shopify storefront.

Here’s how it works:

1. Customer Creativity: When a customer visits your store, they’re greeted with a tantalizing array of chocolate options, from silky milk chocolates to rich dark cocoa delights. With the Box Builder, customers can unleash their creativity and craft a bespoke chocolate box that perfectly suits their preferences.

2. Endless Possibilities: The Box Builder tool provides a plethora of steps, including unlimited product adding steps. As customers add more items, the box automatically grows in size based on quantity or weight, and you can set a base cost for each box size. You can define the amount of product adding steps based on select products or collections and control the minimum and maximum.

3. Customer Incentives: Box Discounts allow you to incentivize customers to spend more by offering discounts as they build their box. To have discounts automatically applied to the box builder, select the type of discounts you would like to apply. You can have a static discount, discounts by value, or discounts by box size. Only one discount will be applied to the box, based on the conditions of the discounts.

4. Seamless Integration: As customers select their preferred chocolates, the Box Builder seamlessly groups these items together and passes them through to the cart page. This ensures that customers can easily see their customized chocolate box and proceed to checkout effortlessly.

5. Pricing and Inventory Control: Giftship’s Box Builder takes care of the nitty-gritty details, such as pricing and inventory management. Each item added to the custom box is accurately priced, and the inventory is updated in real-time. This means Shopify store owners can maintain consistent tracking of stock levels and pricing, even as customers build their dream chocolate box.

6. Order Management: On the Shopify Order screen, Shopify store owners can easily distinguish between products intended for the custom box and other items. They are conveniently marked as “Added To: Box Builder,” making order management a breeze.

What else can Giftship’s Shopify Box Builder sell that’s not just chocolates:

1. Corporate Gifting: For businesses looking to impress clients or reward employees, Box Builder could provide the ultimate corporate gifting solution, customizing every step and creating memorable corporate gifts.

2. Personalized Gifting: Gift-giving is an art, and what better way to make it special than by curating a gift box for a loved one? Giftship’s Box Builder offers customers the option to add personalized messages or greetings to their custom boxes, making them perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

3. Seasonal Specials: Box Builder can introduce seasonal specials. During holidays like Christmas, Easter, or Valentine’s Day, customers can then create holiday-themed boxes, adding a touch of festivity to their celebrations.


The combination of chocolates and Giftship’s Box Builder is a match made in chocolate heaven. But it can also work for any Shopify store.

It empowers customers to take control of their purchase, curating their dream gift boxes, and it provides Shopify store owners with a seamless way to manage pricing, inventory, and order fulfillment. Whether you’re in the chocolate business or any other retail industry, Giftship’s Box Builder is a tool that can transform your e-commerce game and delight your customers with personalized experiences.

Ready to Transform Your Shopify Store with Giftship’s Box Builder?

Visit the demo store here and try a 7-day free trial here. Have questions? Contact Support. We’re here to support you on your box-building empire. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your e-commerce game and offer your customers an unforgettable personalized shopping experience. Get started today!

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